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Clair McCowlen CEnv MEng

My name is Clair McCowlen. I am an Environmental Manager with a genuine passion for driving down carbon.

I work with businesses of all sizes and sectors to help them identify their current environmental impacts and implement plans to improve them in ways that will engage staff and clients, save money and bring about genuine business benefit. This might involve physical changes to a building or behaviour change work with employees, the important thing is to understand that all businesses are unique and what works for one might not work with the constraints of the other. 

I'm a big proponent of measurement as a route to change, and have developed a number of Excel and Google Docs based measurement tools to help businesses easily monitor their impact, identify opportunities and feedback their results.

I have had a passion for the environment for a long time. I got a blue peter badge for writing in about recycling facilities while still at junior school, I studied Engineering Design and Appropriate Technology at Warwick University and have worked developing renewable energy statements for new developments. I am currently working for the environmental charity Global Action Plan